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About Us

INTER RAO Eesti OÜ is an electricity trading company founded in 2010 as a subsidiary of INTER RAO Lietuva.

INTER RAO Eesti OÜ was granted the license of activity from Estonian Competition Authority and has signed Balance Agreement with Elering AS.

INTER RAO Eesti OÜ started selling electricity in the second half of 2013, offering sales and balancing services to commercial customers. It is not planned in the near future to provide the above services to residential consumers.

The objective of INTER RAO Eesti OÜ is a reliable and stable electricity supply of wholesale and retail markets at a competitive price.

All the electricity sold to customers is purchased from Nord Pool. In 2020 69,80% of electricity sold to customers was produced from fossil fuels, 23,64% from nuclear fuels and 6,56% was based on renewable energy sources. Share of Origin Certified electricity was 0,03%.