In JANUARY, we wish that the holiday spirit, captured at Christmas and New Year, would linger and give you the energy to achieve your ambitions all year long!

*A nine-antlered deer is a pagan legendary creature that carries the sun or the moon in its antlers. It is called nine-antlered because it takes nine days for the moon to change from waxing to full.

The story tells that the white deer leaves at winter solstice and comes back at Christmas. Winter solstice used to be called the Nine-Antlered Deer Celebration. In addition, some songs portray the deer as a symbol of the sun, bringing the sun on its antlers.

Ancient Lithuanians believed that deer were god‘s servants and could protect from illnesses and floods. In the Stone Age mythology of numerous European and Asian hunter tribes associated the deer with the universe, the sky or the moon.

For holiday lighting, we recommend that you use LED lights and similar solutions that save electricity and decrease your bills.